8 Questions to Ask Your Graphic Designer

With so many options available, hiring a graphic designer can be daunting. Here are eight questions you should ask a potential design partner. If you would like to know the ZP Creative answers to these questions, see our contact us for your free 30-minute consultation. You can also download a printable reminder of these 8 questions by clicking here.

1. Can you view the designer’s portfolio?

A designer’s portfolio will give you a feel their style and the type of work they have the most experience in.

2. Can the designer walk you through a chosen piece in their portfolio?

Listen for how the designer addressed a previous client brief in their design solution. Some designers get caught up in how attractive the work is and forget that it needs to achieve specific goals for your business.

3. What do you need to provide?

Help your designer create what you need by answering their briefing questions thoroughly. You may need to provide an existing logo or design files, copy and/or images, depending on the project. Doing this as soon as possible will assist your designer in keeping to your agreed timeline.

4. Who owns the copyright at the end of the project?

Does the designer retain copyright over the designs while licensing you the right to use them, or do they sign over copyright completely. If your designer retains the copyright you may be tied to go on using that designer, and they may charge you a large fee to buy the full rights later. It is normal for a designer who is handing over the full copyright, to retain permission to use the design in their portfolio to show future clients and employers.

5. Will the designer hand over the source files?

Further to question four, source files are the original, layered design files that you’ll need to make permanent changes later on. If a designer is signing over copyright they should have no hesitation in handing over copies of the source files. Those who only license you rights to use the design may insist they hold onto the original files.

6. How much will it cost?

Is an important question, even more important is “what may change the price as the project progresses?” For example, going beyond a certain number of revisions or expanding the scope of the project are likely to increase the original quote. So too is purchasing assets such as custom artwork or stock images. Find out how the designer charges for extra time and assets.

7. Can the designer complete the project in your timeframe?

Ensure you are clear about your deadline and ask for an approximate timeline including when you should expect to see drafts.

8. Who will handle the printing?

Where applicable you should discuss with the designer who will hire the printer. If you are dealing directly with the printer, don’t hesitate to put your designer in touch with them so they can talk about the technical specifications needed to get your print job right.

Would you like to know our answers to these questions? Ask us during your free 30-minute consultation.